We. Are. So. Screwed.

Area 51’s storage unit falls into the wrong hands when a pair of bumbling agents forget to pay the rent. Now an alien invasion threatens Earth and our only hope is the same dimwitted duo that got us into this mess in the first place.

About Unit 44

Sci-fi. Comedy.

Unit 44 was created by writer/letterer Wes Locher and artist/colorist Ed Jimenez. The series is published by Alterna Comics. The first four issues were released in 2017 as a graphic novel, and rereleased in 2019 as part of Alterna’s newsprint initiative. The series returned in 2022 for more zany action with artist Aleksandar Jovic and colorist Andrew Pate.

We’ve Got (New) Issues

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Bumbling Area 51 agents Gibson and Hatch accidentally activate a dangerous, top-secret device that sends them hurtling through the multiverse. Now, if they hope to see home again, they’ll have to survive a torrent of hazardous new worlds—and each other. Written by Wes Locher, Art by Aleks Jovic, and colors by Andrew Pate!

Unit 44 returns!

Issue #5 was released by Alterna Comics in Spring 2022, marking the return of bumbling Area 51 agents Gibson and Hatch. This time the pair sets out to dismantle the dangerous Blood Moon Cult! Written by Wes Locher, Art by Aleks Jovic, colors by Andrew Pate, and a cover and backup strip by original series artist Ed Jimenez!

We’ve Got (Back) Issues

Newsprint Issues

Unit 44 was released in comic book shops and online as a 4-issue miniseries in 2019 via Alterna Comics’ newsprint line. Issues remain über-affordable at just $1.50 a pop.

Digital Downloads

Prefer to read comics from the safety of your tablet or smartphone? We can help! Alterna Comics provides digital copies of Unit 44 (and all their great books) for just $0.99 each!

Graphic Novel

Love the way a graphic novel looks on your bookshelf? Want Unit 44 to stand alongside your copies of Watchmen and Maus? We’re honored! Grab our 104-page graphic novel at Amazon!

What Readers are Saying:

Between the jokes and gags is a solid, funny story that’s well paced from beginning to end!

Almost Normal Comics

Locher pays homage to the X-Files, MIB, and Storage Wars before neatly poking holes in them. Jiminez’ crisp, clean linework, bold, bright colors, and cartoony flair are perfectly suited to the story. 


Unit 44 is a really funny read with slapstick style comedy moments mixed with hilarious dialogue and goofy accidents.

The Nerdy Girl Express

This story is just wonderfully hilarious, and you will get sucked into it when reading. The humor is perfect for all ages, and this book is seriously fun. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up. You won’t be disappointed.